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info for Preachers and Worship Leaders

Additional Information for appointed Preachers and worship leaders 
who lead worship at Weston Methdodist Church, Bath

WMC is situated on Newbridge Hill; on a corner facing a roundabout (one road leads to the RUH, Bath).  Parking can be difficult but on-street parking is easier on Sundays and we suggest you park along Newbridge Hill near the church.  You should enter the Church from Newbridge Hill (we have glass doors) where the Duty Steward will greet you.

Church layout
The church is a light, airy and bright space  with chairs in the main sanctuary that can be arranged to suit your needs.  They are usually arranged in 'theatre style.' At the front of the church, a raised area runs across the whole width of the building. The organ positioned at stage right. There is a Communion Table (usually centre) and a two lecterns - either side of the Table.    

Junior Church
Occasionally we have one or two much younger children in attendance for the service.  If so, we offer a crèche facility.  

Resources available at Weston Methodist Church
The Good News Bible

The Methodist Worship Book
Hymn Books:
Singing The Faith 
Please note that all the chosen hymns are screened 

The church uses an in-house PC for the screening of the hymns. This is available for showing PowerPoint and video clips. We also have broadband connected to this PC

Flip Chart/Pens

Public Address system with CD player and PC sound.
(incl. radio lapel mic; radio handheld mic and stand mics)

Our singing is accompanied by either a Pipe Organ or Digital keyboard.
The organist will also prepare prelude and postlude music.

Hymn/Song Numbers:  
If you choose and supply a copy of words or music not in our catalogue of worship material, our copyright may be infringed.  To ensure this doesn’t happen please provide the following details: the catalogue, song title or first line, author and copyright line.

Bible Readings: 
We have the Good News Bible and bible readers generally use this version.   If you would like an alternative version, please contact the Worship Co-ordinator (see Home Page)

On the morning
When you arrive and after introductions, you may wish to finalise any preparations you have for the service with the sound/visual technician or organist.  At about 10.25 a.m. the Duty Steward will say a prayer with you. 

Start of the Service
A Steward will commence with the welcome and give any Notices (we have “IAN” - Information and News - which is given to all worshippers).  Then it is over to you!

  • Newbridge Hill
  • Bath
  • BA1 3PW